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The Character Of A Fisherman

A fisherman is patient always willing to wait.

For he knows in due time his reward takes the bait.

A fisherman is focused and has an unmoving zeal.

For through his determination it strengthens his will.

A fisherman is confident in his ability to perceive.

For discerning his surroundings determines what he receives.

A fisherman is faithful to always give thanks for the bounty he received

that rest on the banks.

And such is Yah’s chosen ones, called to fish every day for the lost and dying souls that can’t seem to find their way.

You are a chosen fisherman created with a special pole. Specifically designed by Yah to reel in the dying souls.

And what a wonderful blessing Yah has made in you, His one. For you are a truly dedicated, fearless Fisherman.

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