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Our Story

Michael Blue knows all too well how it feels to go without eating days at a time. He grew up in the projects of California, being raised by his mom who struggled to keep food on the table for her four boys. Living on government funds, she could barely pay for food. Even in his adult life, Michael experienced homelessness and hunger. He prayed that if ever given the chance, he would help those who have experienced hunger and homelessness.


Cheryl and Michael met in 1986 in Detroit, Michigan and soon found out they had some of the same passions to be the change they wanted to see. Cheryl too wanted to reach out and show love in a way that would help her fellow man. They were united in marriage on May 28, 1990. They both moved to North Carolina to raise their children away from the big city in 1991.


They started Blue Angel Outreach with a food pantry in Vass, NC in 2008, as well as other ministries such as “Love in Action” where they would go and help single parents and those who were homebound with home repairs and domestic cleaning. Blue Angel provided shelter through their transitional home to single mothers and their children recovering from drugs and alcohol. They also visited nursing homes, ministering to the residents, and bringing gifts to show their love.


They are currently in Pinehurst, NC in Moore County where their ministry has expanded. They are now doing the Emergency Assistance Food Program (TEFAP), The Covid Relief Program, as well as serving hot, healthy meals weekly to those who have joined Chain Breakers Food Co-op. During the Pandemic, when other facilities closed their doors, Blue Angel never stopped serving the community; they just changed their method of serving.


Blue Angel Outreach currently serves 38,000 people in Moore County, which has a 7.5 percent unemployment rate and 17,280 people who are food insecure according to the Food Bank of CENC 2019-2020 statistics, and they love every minute of it.

Our Mission

The mission of Blue Angel Outreach is to reach out and minister to mankind, spirit, soul, and body. Serving those who are experiencing food insecurity, we also bring awareness of proper food consumption for health and wellness. This is not our job but our kingdom assignment given by the Most High Yah! It is the absolute pleasure of the Blue Angel Outreach team to serve You.

If you are in need of food, feel free to contact us Monday through Friday at 910-603-4756


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